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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Originally Posted by fatdaddy View Post
I did something like that to my bike a while ago Big. The difference is that my 12V battery is mounted in my side case. I put quick connects coming off my battery and charger so I could just plug in in instead of trying to use the chargers cheapo clips. I've had those just fall off after I leave so it's not charging, ALL NIGHT. I just found out that my battery lasts about a month, cause that how long I didn't charge it before it started going dead.
I also FINALLY got my suspension forks on. I'll take a pic later today. It looks GOOD.
I put suspension forks on my Cranny as well, and I love them. Mine came off a bike I found in the dumpster. They were a bit loose when I first got them (if you lifted the front end off the ground, the front wheel would drop about half an inch). I ran them that way for awhile cause I didnt have the tools to take them apart. Then my wife's brother in law loaned me a socket wrench with an extension and an allen socket, and I opened those babies up and fixed the rubber spacers (one fork leg had 3 spacers, the other had one lol) and now they are perfect. Of course, my new build is getting motorcycle forks: Thoe babies are down in my basement right now, just waiting to be put on. I need bearing cups for the head tube and bottom bracket of the frame they are going on though, so if I dont find some, I'll have to wait until my current bike can be taken apart.
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