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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

So yesterday I got another back rim from a donor bike. I was going to swap my 40tooth to it but decided to install the 44 that came with the fh kit. Got the wheel ready to go, then realized that the banana plates dont line up at all in any configuration. I tried anyways and got the bolts through. But no matter how I tighten it the overlap throws off the balance and the rear sprocket amount of tightening and patterning has solved this...I've contacted the vendor and see where it goes...oh and apparently 1700 miles on a sprocket has a tendency to work harden the bolts into a locked position...without thread the 40toother is a no swap for now...and I'm still without a bike to ride...going to build a cardboard engine mock up and see if I can squeeze a kit into my 1950 jc higgins 20"er...
Thats a lot of moving parts...hope it all works...
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