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Default Re: Decarbonizing without disassembly

I have yet to see the need for decarbon one of my engines. I've only decarboned my Harley long ago and a Honda goldwing using water and keeping it rebed up I'd spray a mist into the intake. I once tried to unstick a valve on my car with tranny fluid in the intake and it would help for a while but I soon got rid of the car.
Might be a good idea to take these engines apart to decarbon them if you think it need it done and not use water or rice or etc. the commercial products might do a good job but I have not tried them.
the rice thing was used on industrial 4 strokes and I was told about this by a friend who said it will make the combustion chamber clean as a whistle but be ready for flaming particles of rice coming out of the exhaust stack and be sure to remove the muffler.
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