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Default Re: My new clutch actuator

Couldn't agree more, Ebmvegan....
I just came in from cutting, grinding,and welding on my custom chopper frame.....huge grin on my face knowing I am building a chopper with a full suspension, gears and some serious attitude. This avenue of creation, these motorized bicycles, are unique in their mystique, they buck the system, they evade "the man", and are something way off the beaten path......
How else can you build something so cool that you can customize to no end, spend pennies relatively, and ride off to go show off, knowing that you are smart in your choice, are saving money on gas, getting more green on the environment, and doing something entirely the opposite of mainstream?

Now, Jim.......about my 10,000+rpm, 65mph billet head motor.... =-]'

(P.S.- Jim, why don't you announce the multiple billet cover idea to get some feedback.....)

Originally Posted by ebmvegan View Post
Although I have not purchased one of his actuators, I found his insights to be very intresting and looked forward to anyone's comments about his product. It's fun to read how excited people get about their bikes.
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