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Originally Posted by "the prussian" Shop Dogs View Post
Well it seems that its about time some one wrote up a little some thing we could all print out and hand to people ? I still get more good coments then bad ,but some of the bad coments come with people trying to run you off the road!
We even had to toss one guy outa our club because he lost his cool to often with other drivers and would be screaming at them in traffic?
I did have a guy who backed his car into a bike at a local bar ,he was convinced he was gona get a beating (there was like seven of us out that night) ,but we caught it in time and now he tells everyone how cool we are and how neat the bikes are?
I guess i got the same look as wickedest because with the beard and geared up people dont seem to approach me as much as they do other guys in the pack? Then again we got buttons with us often and he can shut up about these bikes ,so i sick him on anyone who ask to many questions (unless there cute ,only happend once)
Right I have been think about something like. Just like a little flyer or something. Just be like here ya go all your answers are right here! I like to ride. I talk all day to people at work.
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