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Default Re: What typically fails on a ChinaGirl motorized bike

That's a great post. Thank you.

Currently, I am using the included rear motor mount studs on my first build. I will put these on a list of things to replace. Same for the exhaust studs. My front motor mount is not from the kit. Also, I'm using M6 cap screws to mount the intake. I did notice that the kit studs fit looser in the block than an actual M6 bolt.

I will check to insure the magneto area is sealed. Thanks.

I just finished installing the chain and tensioner. I discovered I was having an alignment issue with the tensioner. The issue was that the tensioner wheel was not aligned to the chain. Instead it was aligned to the lower chain stay because the tensioner bracket, of course, is bolted to that stay. So I put the bracket in my vise and used a big pipe wrench to twist the tensioner bracket a little to align it with the chain. That bracket is pretty thick so it takes a lot of effort to twist it the small amount needed. Now my tensioner wheel supports the chain in alignment allowing it to feed onto the sprocket cleanly.
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