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Default Re: What typically fails on a ChinaGirl motorized bike

Yea, on the bike itself the fender mounts are tops on the list. Next would be the engine chain idler slipping into rear spokes, I used to drill a hole right through into the chainstay to get it to stay put, but lately am drilling/tapping a short lock-bolt so as not to weaken the stay with a hole.

Failing spokes can be a pain but not usually catastrophic, and most are caused by flying over potholes doing 25+mph... what can be disastrous is a frame cracking from the same thing. So dodge those potholes, lol.

On the engine itself, I'll try to keep the list short.
-First on that list would have to be the engine mounting studs breaking, replace with real steel studs asap. They're M6x1 btw.
-The exhaust studs can break if you don't use the muffler clamp, same size.
-aluminum intakes are known to randomly snap off(or in half) from vibes
-magneto's can fail from moisture, seal up where the wires go into the case
-cdi's fail randomly if wired incorrectly, ie. white wire kill switch, or bare wires shorting out

less common are head gaskets and internal bearings. Piston needle bearings/bushings, crank bearings.

I've covered a few bases, but like with anything, there's always something that can go wrong. Best to keep your eyes open and do a good visual inspection once in a while.

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