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Default Chains, tensioners, carbs...Ever wonder?

I Noticed a couple of things this past week while working on the bike and had to ask others thoughts.

Chain- Loose, sloppy, ect. BUT, what if it were made that way so that alignment didn't have to be perfect, like a derailuer chain?

Tensioner- I'm talking about the super cheapy...the "no bearing" job. I noticed that it is really tight, but if you turn it a couple dozen times, it loosens up a little bit. Then, run it for ten minutes or so and oil it. It seems to be made of nylon, or mylon like plastic running on steel. If the chain is not over tightened, it makes a cheap, effective bearing. I ran one for 500 miles with no problems, kept wondering what all the fuss was about. I sold the bike so I don't know of it's ultimate fate. I am currently going to run one as long as it take to destroy it, and see what happens.

Carb- Terrible, I have seen more complex and adjustable carbs on EVERY model airplane engine I have ever delt with...even down to .09 cubic inches, only the Cox Muffler Ring throttle is more primative. O.K., I can't think of why this is so....maybe I'm missing something. The cap does screw down without crossthreading if you gently push down on it.
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