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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

I like that spark plug wrench, you should stamp it OEM!

Today I did not drop a freshly parted part in the mud, but I did weld back what I cut too short for lack of light last time I was grinding a part.

I also was wondering what was going on if my generator was causing my welder to act funny. I though I was keeping an even distance from work with nozzle. It might have been that the two parts varied small amount of distance as the work was "V" ground to allow for full penetration. Maybe small distance changes happen as I waved the nozzle side to side instead of parallel in line to the work. I'll try that next time instead of doing both.

Occasionally I saw the weld wire molten ball at the end of the wire by the work creep closer to the nozzle. It eventually was quicker than I could react by pulling the nozzle back and I welded a tip on my MIG. I had lots of extra spares and it didn't happen again.

I finished grinding and sanding my adjustable slots for my twin stacked jackshafts and shall be assembling it all once again so belts don't slip.


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