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Default Re: Decarbonizing without disassembly

Its an old mechanics trick to use water to decarbonize the combustion chamber, it works by turning the water into steam which then scours away the carbon, it does work on larger automotive engines with large strong pistons and cylinders. The problem is if you put a little too much in too fast in smaller engines the water will not get a chance to turn to steam and fills up in the combustion chamber then when the piston comes back up the water will not compress and it blows out the cylinder wall or breaks the connecting rod and that in turn will also punch out the block too. Now I am talking that this is what happens with 4-6-8 cylinder 4 stroke automotive and marine engines, but with small 2 stroke engines it may not do any damage as water will blow out the exhaust port before it gets compressed and still would not have a chance to turn to steam.

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