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Default Re: Do I have to use pedals?

While it is not "impossible" to take off from a dead stop without pedals you do have to rev the motor pretty good and allow the clutch to slip quite a bit as you slowly release it with the motor roaring. It will get you going but it really wasn't intended to work that way, and if you are on the heavy side it will be tough on the clutch. I wouldn't count on there being a hill conveniently located every time you need to start your motor or get yourself rolling though....
Irregardless, take a look a the LAW in your state, you will likely find that a motorized bicycle without pedals no longer fits into the motorized bicycle niche in the eyes of the law, and most likely will no longer be street legal to ride. So if you want headaches from cops, and to push your bike home if you have a motor problem, and want nowhere to put your feet, then go ahead and build without pedals....
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