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Talking Re: A Warning to those looking in getting a Chinese engine kit

Excellent counsel from the people that have been there and done that.
I feel almost guilty about not having to "fix" the Whizzer. I have a habit of trying to find the next failure before it occurs. I'll wiggle, pull, torque, twist, turn, shake, rattle and roll everything I can lay my grimy mitts on. This "tinkering" has paid off with many loose bolts and nuts being correctly tightened or torqued by me in the nick of time.
I hope that you figure it out, (and I think you will) and have fun doing it. I don't have a two stroke running yet, but I do have some crazy idea of putting a spare Puch 50cc engine on one of my steel Schwinn 10 speeds. I'll be winging it and I'll screw up a lot.
BTW the reason for this long post: I remember having a clinking rattle on my Sting-Ray when I was a kid. I found the source after years (from 1968 until 1972) of noise. Someone had dropped a bolt into the seat tube.
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