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Default Re: Do I have to use pedals?

Originally Posted by dragray View Post
it can be done with a 36 tooth just need to roll the bike down a hill before you release the clutch.
my bikes have 20" wheels and 41 tooth sprockets which give me more than enough low end torque to take off from a dead stop using only the clutch.

this isn't my bike, it's my friends, but these videos will show you the kind of abuse that he gives his clutch.
after about 5 years of this kind of abuse, his bike is still running, on the original clutch pads!
That's true, you can drive off like a motorcycle even with tall gearing if you're pointing downhill, but that's going to be a little inconvienant if there's no hill around. You should have qualified your statement by indecating your bike has 25 mph gearing, which gives it a reasonable cruising speed of about 20 mph.
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