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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Originally Posted by CTripps View Post
I went to put a final coat of paint on a tank today. While adusting the position of it so I could get the right angles for the final passes, it fell off the paint hook, bounced down two steps, and landed in the mud. I wiped off the worst of the wet muck, but now it's back to square one there. I was going to finish a small touch-up on the frame, then found that while the spray can seems to have paint left, it has no propellant left. Now I need to go get another can of paint.... *sigh*...
Thank God, I thought it was only me that had day's like that. Sorry about yer problems, But I've had days when I painted something, DROPED IT, painted it again and DROPED IT again. Thought it was just me. The mud was a nice touch though.
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