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Default Re: Flat resistent tires?

The tire construction plays a big part in resisting punctures. Once a goat head or cholla gets through the tire carcass, the tube is next.

Good tires have higher thread counts, and more plies. This also resists cuts better. Some bicycle tires have only 60 threads per inch, while other tires will have 180 to 240 threads per inch. Thread count is not always related to ply count.

More plies can take a glass cut, and keep going. Yes the tire is damaged, but it will still get you home. Multi-ply construction costs more. But it can be well worth the price if you commute on a bicycle.

Riding in a mixed urban environment I see cactus, goat heads, broken glass, nails, etc. I have had good service from Continental Sport Contact tires (180 tpi) here, but it is mostly dry pavement riding.

My brother commutes in so cal daily, and runs the Country Plus - says he has not had a wheel off the bike in many months. He can see "stuff" broken off in the tire, but it still holds air. They are a good tire for people that hate to tear a bike down on the road. He does run a liner in them, and they are heavy compared to my contacts. Good all-purpose tread.

Just my 2 cents, after years of pedaling.

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