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Default Re: Flat resistent tires?

I've never read anything good about the airless tires here or anywhere else; but I confess to having no personal experience with them. The slime issue is contrivertial. Some swear by; it some hate it. I also have not used slime but plan to. I HAVE done the tube as tireliner using a downhill tube sacrificed around a thornproof and have never had a flat. On my "Twin" build I went with a kevlar tire liner and extra fat downhill ( DH ) tubes. Again; havnt had a flat or any kind of leak. The downhiill and thorne resistant tubes are a LOT more expensve but IMHO worth every penny. Goatherder has an excelent thread on flats and how to avoid them. I'll see if I can find it. In the mean time heres some tubes. have a look at these and yes; they are expensive. Yes they work. How much not having flats worth it ya?
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