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Default Re: Motorized Bicycle Take a Tip...Leave a Tip

To stop quickly, just don’t go so fast.

V-Brakes old original have put on my frame after removing the pedals that had the coaster brakes, of which now are both gone, but have fold up foot pegs in their place!

Also for quicker stops, I have a 40:1 ratio so that the bike can't go too fast anyway. Climb hills good for OHV dirt biking and for parade speed under 5mph have no need to keep pulsing the throttle as the ratio fixes that.

There is also a screw I have to adjust max speed on the throttle as well as idle. This is for parade speed to be sure it us under 5mph.

Next mount an Ice Cream Machine in between the sort of ape hanger handle bars, except the ends don’t down point down.

I should hook up one of then output shafts of one of twin jack shafts turning, for what would be a good speed for an automobile alternator. Or it could easily be something smaller. The charging of a battery set up to then goes through an inverter to power ice-cream machine underway and when engine is off still churning.

This should be, as well as an art cover looking like a California Sheeps Head Fish and a bell to ring in the 8000ft elevation of Black Rock City, NV so to help with the heat.

Oh yea training wheels maybe also both front and back using 4ea. 12" tires, no way to fall over...sort of.


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