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Default Re: Flat resistent tires?


----- I use puncture resistant bicycle tires with puncture resistance built right into the tire (Armodillo, Snake Skin, Iron Cap, Hard Case, etc . . .) specifically ones that have the puncture resistance built into the side walls of the tire not just the bottom of the tread since that is the main thing I'm trying to cover with them since a liner doesn't protect the side-walls.
----- I use a "Stop Flats 2" Liner inside of the tire, previously the Brown color ones but now using the newer wider Sage colored ones
----- I use a high quality triple layer rim liner to protect the tube from the spoke ends on the inside of the rim
----- I drill out the valve stem hole in the rim slightly larger and install a rubber gromite ring to protect the base of the tubes valve stem
----- I use the heavy duty thick wall tubes
----- I put Slime sealant inside of the heavy duty thick wall tubes.

Flats are now very few and far between for me, I've even considered building a summer time commuter bike that uses those solid light grey colored rubber tires that some wheel chairs use that are solid through and through rubber and can't go flat.

Yes, it is true that the Slime goo stuff is most certainly messy and most certainly is not a permanent fix for a puncture. BUT it will usually slow a puncture down to a slow leak that with the addition of a little air from a hand pump or CO2 cartridge filler will allow you to make it to work and back again without having to stop and tear the bike down to fix the flat right then and there (especially a problem on the rear tire). Yes it makes it a little more messy to clean up when fixing the flat correctly once you get home but for me it is worth it to still get to work on time even when I do get a puncture and then back home before I have to fix it.
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