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Default Hi from Albuquerque

Hey all. I've been hanging around Ratrodbikes for a while and wanting to do a motorbike for a while soooo here I am. I just ordered the 80cc but not really 80cc kit from powerking and can't wait for it to get here. After I ordered my engine I went and dug all the parts bikes out of the shed and hacked something together. I just found out I can't post pic links in my first post so I'll do it later.

The rear is a nexus 3 speed. kind of a waste of a nice hub but it's the only good coaster brake I have. I plan to fab a disc brake mounting tab for the front brake. I already have a wheel with a disc hub I just need the caliper so I can start. 30mph on a coaster brake doesn't sound like fun to me. I've spent enough time in traffic on my pedal bikes to know better.

Any way. Cool site and lots of interesting stuff going on here.

Ride safe.
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