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Default Re: Do I have to use pedals?

Originally Posted by 2door View Post
If you're talking about removing the pedals, don't. In many states that will make your bike a motorcycle in the eyes of the law.

As for not pedaling up to speed, you'll be replacing clutch components very soon by trying to ride it like a motorcycle. Also in the event of an engine failure/malfunction, you'll be pushing your bike home instead of pedaling it.

not true!
i've been riding my bikes like motorcycles for 4 years, still on the original clutch pads.
if you know how to ride, and how to take off from a stop correctly by using ONLY the clutch, the clutch pads will not wear out any sooner.
you do not need to pedal the bike up to speed before you release the clutch. In my opinion, that's a total myth. every time you release the clutch, the clutch pads will get some wear. the clutch pads get wear while you ride anyway because the clutch pads is what sends the power to the chain and sprocket. the only time the clutch pads do not get wear, is when the clutch is disengauged.
when you start trying to slip the clutch and making the pads get too hot, they will wear out faster.
besides that...clutch pads are like $5.00 for a complete set, and replacing them only takes about 15 minutes.
it's not like you have to do major surgery to replace the clutch pads anyway.
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