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Default Re: my second build!

Originally Posted by Johnc123 View Post
Hello everyone I'm back after awile I want to build another bike and the bike I think I'm gonna use is the thruster fixie 700c and I'm stuck on engines I really would like to use the bgf rb80s or the dax f80 and the bgf is only 139 then the dax engine is 260 with shipping. I talked to Duane on the phone and he claims the dax f80 is made in the USA and has all grade A bolts and hardware do you all think this is true should I go with thedax motor or the cheap bgf please let me know thanks
I would not use the fixie unless you plan on upgrading the brakes. At least two members of this forum have had serious accidents due to the shoddy brakes that come with that bike. As far as what engine to go with, I dont know if the Dax engine really is made in the usa or not, but the bgf engine is cheaper, and I have been pretty happy with my bgf engine.
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