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Default Re: gas tank giving me the blues

Originally Posted by lambofgod121980 View Post
I HAVE NEVER DONE THIS BEFORE. Went to home depot and picked up some metal working solder. Tank has been sitting wide open for days now, but I filled it with water and turned it upside down, leaving hole where petcock goes unplugged. Basted on some flux that came with a propane torch that I had previously used and I heated it up and blobbed on copious amounts of the solder.

Good/ bad news -

Good - I didn't explode anything, still have all my fingers and no metal in mah face \m/ and 1 of the studs is leak free

Bad - one of the studs on the front of the tank still has a pin hole. Not leaking like it was at all but still leaking

I'm still left with questions - like can I grind down the ugly, or should I leave it alone
If you were successful with the other three studs and you feel confident that they aren't leaking, go back and repeat your soldering process on the leaky one. Use a paste flux, like Nokorode' and watch your heat. Get it just hot enough for the solder to flow (liquid) and fill your pin holes. Too hot and the solder won't stick. Too cold and it won't flow where it needs to go. You should be good to go. Now, don't over tighten your fasteners.

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