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Originally Posted by Groove View Post
Thanks. They may have sent me some old parts it sounds like. No problem though, I think grinding down the edges of the plates will allow the holes to align without overlap.
But I thought you said the holes didn't line up even with the plates laying on the sprocket. Trimming the ends of the plate won't correct that. Or Am I not understanding you?

If you can force all nine bolts through the sprocket, rubber and plates then the holes are okay and you're just dealing with a common problem of the overlap that is normal until you spread things while tightening the bolts. Some guys use a wide blade screwdriver or similar tool. I use a large pair of snap ring pliers set to spread when you squeeze them. I put one jaw on a bolt and the other on a bolt of the adjoining plate and squeeze until there is no overlap, then snug down on the fastener. I Know it looks like a job that requires you to have at least three hands, maybe four, but we've all been there. It can be done.

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