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Default Re: Rag Joint Issue

Thanks Tom. It's the sprocket on the right. But this is actually a picture sent by the retailer showing how to "correctly" overlap the metal pieces in order to compensate for improper fabrication of the banana plates (they admit it doesn't fit). Even forgetting the rubber rag joint there is no possible way to align the 9 holes in the 41 tooth sprocket that came with it, with the 9 holes on these metal pieces. It's not even CLOSE. I have a bench grinder, so I'm going to grind off about 1/8" from each end of each "banana" plate.. I'll let you know if it works!

Note: The rag joint hardware on my other bike was perfect. I don't want to name any names in the general forum, but I'll just say that I now know which online retailer NOT to order rag joint hardware from....

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