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Default Re: Throttle useless

OK I've discovered I basically had every problem you could!

First off, the slide was definitely in wrong. I put lined it up with the idle screw and it slid down correctly, but when I twised the throttle the slide would go up then turn to mis-align again. I discovered that when I was tightening the throttle cap on the carb it was twisting the spring so it had a little torsional pre-load on the slide so every time I gassed it then slide would twist. To fix this I simply sprayed some WD-40 inside the cap/spring assembly....and it worked! Now the slide goes up and down perfectly.

I also discovered my throttle cable was too long. I took the advice of someone here and shortened my cable about 1/2" and now I can truly adjust the tension of my more dead zone.

On top of all that I put a flat O-ring in the air inlet of my carburator because I knew I was getting an air leak as my choke was useless.

Upon starting it after all of this all I can say is... HALLELUJAH! I can actually adjust my freaking idle now. I didn't realize this bike could idle at anything less than ludacris speed. My muffler noise concerns are gone now because it wasn't the muffler that was my damn idle.

I'm as happy as a little school girl.

Now I'm off to my work to tack weld the end cap and exhaust pipe on my muffler....they keep popping out.
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