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I've gotten pretty tired of it, call me a grumpy old man if you wish but I've had to deal with a sizable enough percentage of people who are hostile to me and my motorized bicycle sometimes to the point of physical hostility towards my personage or vandalism to my bike(s) either on the sly or right in my face in front of me deliberately that even the ones who are nice to me (which thankfully are still the majority but not by as margin as I would like) have started to get on my nerves. My usual response is that It was a kit and I give them the web site address. In the case of the my Staton-Inc kit powered bikes that is extra easy to do in that all I do is take my finger and wipe the dust and road grime off the top of the gear box on each bike where the web-site address is milled right into the top. The electrics are a little more problematic since I must verbally give the website usually more then once and then there is the one electric that wasn't a kit but rather something I built up from parts myself but thankfully that is kind of a stealth set-up and unless someone is looking real close and notices that there is two different chains attached to the rear freewheel spool and that the second chain is on the big bail-out sprocket and runs straight up inside the right side rear pannier (where I have my "hill helper" geared down motor and batteries rigged up inside a hard mount to the frame that the pannier covers up and protects from the weather and vandalistic pedal only snobs) they think it is just a pedal only bike with rear panniers and leave me alone.
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