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Default Re: Do I have to use pedals?

Just make a "ghetto single speed" out of it. Choose a sprocket combination that is a good gear for pedaling out at a stop and getting up to about half speed, basically a gear that is low enough that you can pull out from a dead stop easily enough but you do have to stand up on the pedals to do so meaning it isn't geared so low that you can get some decent speed by spooling yourself up to over 90rpm on your pedaling speed if need be and you can help the motor out on hills by pedaling at fast RPM to keep the motor from getting bogged down too far. Then just ride the bike by pedaling out from a stop and then engage the engine once you have a little speed up. For me personally that is usually a combination of the sprocket near the middle of the rear gear spool and the big front chain ring on most MTB gearing ratios.

A lot of times that is how I ride in town where it is constant stop and go with my Station-Inc axle mount kit. I just leave my pedal gearing on my 3x7 gears in "3" (big chain ring) up front and either "3" or "4" on the rear spool depending on whether I'm loaded down with cargo in the rear baskets or if I'm running light with no load besides myself, respectively. And I'm not missing a derailer or anything, I just find that in stop and go traffic it is better to not be constantly shifting gears up and down all the time and just use my pedals for low range and my motor for high range. Kind of like an auto centrifugal shift rear hub two speed city bike only backing off the pedals and letting the motor do the work takes the place of the high range gear. On a side note I really wish someone would make one of those type of hubs with a cassette spool that drives through the mechanism like they do with some of the manual shift three speed hubs.

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