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Default Re: First MB and first accident.

The bikes DO take some getting used to- after racing USCF for 14 seasons, I was very wary of it at first- and knew right away my bike with two caliper brakes ABSOLUTELY needed a dual brake lever- makes a BIG DIFFERENCE in control- essential.

I HOPE it was an accident too- there's a lot of people with a lot of hassle out there-

and it almsot seems looking back that there was this behaviour more when I was getting statrted- to sort of get the car more in the way- and maybe a little less as I;m all over now and it's not so novel an idea to motiorists either-

still be careful- had a car parked facing the wrong way on the right pull out from behind another parked car just as I got there a couple of months back- still wonder if it was intentional, it was so well timed and not something done much in this area....
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