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Default Re: MBs in action

Originally Posted by 2stroker View Post
Ya in some states over 50cc you gotta have tags and all that good stuff..Probally had him a 66cc or 80cc.. My Bumblebeebolton is a 26cc and every once in a while a cop will ask me what cc i have and I tell him that its only a 26cc and they will say I dunno you were going pretty fast..Then I show them on the
actually had a local cop pull me and a buddy over one night...said we were too loud for exhaust noise...asked what the size of the motors were and we said 33cc...luckily i had badges from a backpack blower motor on mine...and the funniest part was as he was busting our stones about the exhausts being too loud, 2 harleys rode by with groundpounder exhausts...i looked at the cop and said "really? we're too loud?" he got into his car and drove off leaving me and my riding buddy laughing and shaking our the way i had a bgf slantfire z80s at that point...
Thats a lot of moving parts...hope it all works...
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