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Default Re: Hello from the UK

welcome to the forum, Evo...been to UK in Staines and Egham...don't know any chengine dealers in UK, but you have a lot of bicycle parts there that are hard to find. I think it would be easier for you to get the Morini engine which I believe is more reliable and more powerful, but I think more expensive, but would be worth it. It does'nt come as a kit. You'll have to fabricate your own engine mounts, muffler, fuel tank, throttle, etc. You can use some Goped parts for this. I would have bought a Morini if the seller would ship to Asia, but maybe next time...

BTW, got any picture of that frame... I'm also looking for a good frame...Aluminum frames are not advisable for these chengines...Steel, Cromoly, or Titanium are ideal.
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