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Hey, howdy Russel. Was wondering where/how ya been. LOL, nope, not a thing and have yet to plug her in. Really did run out of room and started the shop. Even funnier, ran out of summer and time to finish it. Getting tools for the mill/lathe here and there as I go and am excited.

Yesterday, I finished the paper work for a school grant. The intake guy told my not to count on it but that I all but had it. (COOL, COOL, COOL!)

"I needed a $3 bushing, so I bought a $800 end mill. I needed room for the endmill, so I built a $4,000 out building.
I didn't know how to run the end mill, so I went to school.
Then promptly ran out of money, so I took up golf..."

LOL, still needs work. Oddly enough, Carol does not think that is funny.

Wow, I missed a bunch of posts in this thread some how. Sorry. Am in the car on a laptop with no mouse and very cold fingers. Will reread. You guys are a wealth of knowledge and I appreciate your time.
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