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Manual machining is tough on tools without proper cooling. Oil and brush will work, but I would suggest investing in a Kool Mist system, which provides an adjustable mix of compressed air and cold liquid of your choice (usually 1 gal cold water jug with 4oz Kool Mist solution). The best model is the Portamist and costs around $80. You can machine almost twice as fast. This thing blows COLD and lets you run cheap high-speed-steel tools that can be bought and sharpened on the cheap (flea markets..., grinder). When sharpening HSS, quench it often before it has a chance to heat up, as it is not good with sudden temperature change.

As far as machines go the next best thing to a CNC is the conversational programming type. It looks like a manual machine, but can be programmed to do a single action, or an entire programmed toolpath in seconds. They are simple to program once you get it, just by answering the parameter values it asks for every move. It is sweet jogging the table back to Zero, just by hitting a button!

I personally enjoy mashing on used high-speed-steel endmills on some scrap stainless steel, trying to take off massive cuts while watching the ends glow orange-hot... Do so at your own risk and wear safety glasses
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