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Default Re: Weeee!!! Snap! Awwww!!!!

Originally Posted by Bikeguy Joe View Post
Dan, does everything hold at that torque? Loctite or no?

Honestly, I don't use a torque wrench. I tighten slowly until I get to that "certain resistance".

I do strip a lot of the original stuff.
Naw, nope Joe. But nothing strips. Although I have lost a motor mount or three. I retighten them the moment they fall off. Have yet to try loctite, but hear good things.
Used the TW more to learn what the right resistance was and felt like. I couldn't tell you where my torque wrench is right now. Have read many things about proper torque. I am sure there is good reason to be more exacting. It just works for me. A wile back, I wanted to sell a tool kit just for motorized bicycle building and was going to include a torque wrench, but for the most part think they are surpurfulous. Striping, snapping and general over tightening is reported a lot though. (That might be a good thread, "common first build mistakes, we all done 'em")

Didn't mean to ramble on your thread Whoisworkin, sorry.
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