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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Originally Posted by jimmymc2286 View Post
You can use a brushless motor like used on RC airplanes and make the converter to dc and that will charge a small battery. They are using this setup on RC helicopters. Do a Google on it.
I have an extra alternator from a pickup truck that I got 230 thousand miles on and subsequently have sold. There was just one brush that was cracked, but working enough to run real noisily just after about 30 thousand miles and no warranty for the work. If I had known first, I would have just removed the broken piece and taken a Dremel to form a new round edge on 2/3 of the remaining brush.

I bought a new alternator and regulator with integral brushes built in. The brushes cannot be bought without the voltage regulator unless you try spot welding some brushes that you might find somewhere to fit.

I kept the old alternator and got extra voltage regulator and extra pulley and had kept in truck for long trips to swap in place doing the work myself on the road if necessary.

Now with my motor bike and a piece of a jack shaft is left long enough sticking out if I remove a cover, I can put a pulley on it to match the old alternator pulley.

I do need a battery as an alternator needs the 12 volt field current, but my old electric troll motor AGM battery will do at 12 volt 30 ampere hour.

Now I plan to make a cover to this setup for just stationary use by popping off the belt to rear drive wheel and find a way to make a custom carbon arc lamp to use with it.

With the 60 amps when running this hair brain scheme, I hope there is a possibility of a 720 watt arc lamp.

I have to research maybe 12 volts direct current needs to be up higher for arc lamps so an inverter to get higher voltage and using alternating current might do.

Hacking the alternator and using the AC out put before the full wave bridge to get the higher voltage might be an option that would omit the inverter.

What’s that beam up in da sky?


A carbon arc lamp using lantern battery (link):

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