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Originally Posted by 2door View Post
I'm with Venice. I've replaced gaskets but that's just me. As for fasteneres...the biggest problem is overtightening and constant retightening. Any fastener and/or casting will eventually fail if overtightened. Don't listen to the people who tell you to retighten the fasteners after every ride. They're the ones who twist off studs and nuts. Do it right the first time then leave them alone. As for motor mounts, as long as the mounts are snug against the frame and no rubber is used, they'll be good if you follow good fastener tightening practice.

Gaskets: The kit supplied intake manifold gasket, if you have problems, will be the first to go. The exhaust next. I like to replace them with a good quality gasket material avaliable from auto parts stores. !/8th inch exhaust gasket material, minimum on the exhaust side, a little thinner for the intake.
I'm one of the people you refer to but I don't tighten every time I ride...I CHECK every time! BIG difference. I hope I have not caused anyone to break any bolts...*rolls eyes*
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