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Originally Posted by MEASURE TWICE View Post
I found this web page:

I hear just shimming with electrical tape or glue had been done. I'll try putting the tape on, but first I'll have to see how easily the hand grip comes off. Maybe need to lube it? It already is somewhat loose but only I know spinning around. To take it off axlily I don't know how much friction there is in that plane.

I will check with the shop I bought it from later today and see if they have ideas too.

Just to catch up and let you know the cheapest hair spray in a dollar store is what I used to glue the twist grip throttle replaceable grip. It does not slip now. I will also put some on the other hand grip as it is probably OK, but could not hurt. The bike shops use this approach I saw in a TV documentary on building BMX bikes. The twist grip replaceable portion is far away from any of the cable parts so there is no danger of having it stick the throttle. I also just sprayed the inside of the grip and pushed it on. I wiped any excess that leaked when I put the hand grip back on. Let it dry inside at room temperature for 3 days.

Good tip I got from a kids show!
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