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Default Re: Smokey: is it my mixture?

Well, there you have it!
already got differing replies! lol

I wouldn't run 20:1 for more than a quart of gas.

and then we gotta go back and consider that 'manual' you mentioned...

the entire design came from the russians, stolen from the germans, and is just simply antiquated... I dunno what they got in china, but out on the farm I'm sure they are lucky to have a bit of thirty weight motor oil. well, almost sure!
20:1 is REALLY old school. days gone by...

even though I differ with his approach a little, I think it might be best to use the BikeGuyJoe break-in method with a chinagirl.
Best to read some of those older threads on break-in.
My method is a process, kinda. It's all there...

anyhow, yours is already broken in. don't worry abt it!

40 or 50 to one now and let r rip.

or you could try opti2 at 100 to one !
My goal is cheap, reliable, personal transport, below the tax collector radar. Fun counts for a lot!
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