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Default Re: looking foward to my motor arriving!!

just put my seat down and it looks and feels like a completely different bike. I had the seat at the correct height for peddling efficency because i try to go as far as possible on the engineless bike but these things are so different with engines in that i realise i am going to have a very different riding strategy for these motor assist bikes.

as far as looks go now the seat tank and handle bars are all lined up horizontally which i think looks really cool.

but damn i cant start it up now as its just about midnight and i dont think the neighbours would appreciate it.

and its sunday morning tommorow so cant start to early though......o well the next time i hear a weedwacker or lawnmower go i will get to test it out .
i am pretty sure it will be eawsome though, less weight on the arms will be much more relaxing ..... bring on the cruiser.

did my first engine mod today. I probably shouldn't of but i cant help myself.

The supplied muffler has a final tube that allows the exaust out and picks up the exaust from about 1/4 the way down the muffler. The first thing i thought was that this was a rather long thin tube for all the exaust to travel and like a pan pipe would only have one very strong resonant fequency makeing for a loud sharp note and not much broad help on power curve.

I just plain didnt like it so off to the drill press i went. I put about five tiny holes in the tube at various points on the length and put it back together.

I havent ridden it enough to descern any power differences but it is now allot more pleasent to hear than it was before with now great loss in power.

I want more motors!!!!
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