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Default Re: A Warning to those looking in getting a Chinese engine kit

Been there done all that well most of it, being a marine engineer I replaced a lot of the nuts and bolts anyway, then stripped the motor and put it all back together. Made some rubber engine mounts, and a spring chain tensioner, put lead lining in places, a good inline filter, and now I'm very happy well over 2,000 klm, and she still has plenty of go, usually sit on about 30 mph.
But I'm always aware its a pushbike, ans as such needs alot of respect in just how much it can take, and the brakes can be an issue, I installed a Sturmy Archer front drum brake, and will soon install a back pedal brake on the rear.
But most of all I look at it as a great hobby, can think of a few more that cost lots more
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