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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

Originally Posted by Wickedest1 View Post
so i had won an auction for an old school dynamo light...6 volt, 6 watt generator...the mount screws that came with it were too small for my larger diameter front fork tubes...had to go to the local nuts and bolts joint to get some new it installed with a brand new light bulb from radio shack and even in the day time i can see the brightness of the bulb...i think it looks slick...and only time will tell how well the little bugger holds up...enjoy the pics...
That's AWESOME man I love the old stuff like this that stood the test of time if this was made in the 40's 50's or even the 60's you can expect many more good years of life back then they really made stuff to last not like now days where they intentionally make stuff that will break in several months of use so you will buy a new one, What they fail to realize that it this exact way of thinking that will put them out of business because people like me wont go bu another one from them I will spend more on a different one!

Example years ago I went to a job this lil old lady had an old Grundfos well pump "in her basement , her primary source for water in her house " the pumps bearing were kind of loud ..expected in a 60 year old pump she wanted a brand new pump i took her old one apart and saw it had a beautiful bronze impeller and diffuser not in use any more because "they all lasted way to long" they are all plastic now and if a new pump runs dry for 5 minutes it a melted mess.

So I convinced her to let me replace the bearings in her old pump after we fired it up it was a quiet as it was when her husband put it in 60 years prior I showed her the 60 year old beautiful bronze impeller compared to the brand new plastic junk one she wanted to buy and she was so grateful I didn't take advantage of her and only charged her $125.00 for parts, materials, and labor

I gave her a break on the 4 hour labor bill also." I even repainted it" I just could t remove that old pump and put in a crappy new one then charge her the $650 bucks it would have cost her in good conscience. & that pumps still running today!!

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