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Default Re: what did you do to your motor bike today?

I finally made a custom dual brake lever .. I used the 3 hole motor mount plate I got in a M/B kit a while back drilled a 3/8 hole on the aluminum lever slid in an "aluminum anchor pole" cut up part off of an air tool fitting I had , that was a little loose fitting so I drilled in a set screw in the middle where the cable would be on a normal brake set up that seems to hold OK for now.

I had to use that derailleur screw on the bottom cable, because I was afraid the small lead ball "anchor" would pull through the aluminum anchor pole "I didn't have the standard brake cable with the larger lead anchor "Top Cable" Works great with a little adjusting & it stops on a dime.

You can adjust it so ether there is minimal front and lots of rear , or just the opposite. My brother hit's me with the " now you have reduced yourself to a single part complete failure system "Mr Technical himself" IN other words if one part fails you wont have any brakes at all

I can appreciate that I told him , however I said before I did this I only had a half way decent front brake "that was non existent if it was raining" for over 2 years whats your point .. he shut up after that

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