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Default Re: A Warning to those looking in getting a Chinese engine kit

Did you do the installation on your bike? Or have a shop install it?

The reason I ask is most of the problems you cite are known problem areas. You say you have spent $350 "trying to get this dang thing working", which leads me to believe you were not the installer. If you did install it, some questions.

3 striped studs (2 exhaust and 1 head bolt)
Do you have and did you use a torque wrench?

Clinking engine
Not sure to what this refers.

head gasket getting hit by the piston
Was this before or after you tore into the engine?

Multiple Air leaks (carb to intake still not fixed)
Easy fix. Did you use gaskets or O rings? I know they weren't included in the kit but . . .

leaking fuel valve
Known issue. Cheap valve. Did you look at it closely before you installed it?

Gas leak
Same leak? Or the tank? Did you try sealer? The crummy fuel line?

Broken clutch grip
Known low quality issue. The clutch grip was upgraded on higher quality kits a while back and this needs upgrading as well. Lots of riders modify a grip shifter or brake grip.

Misaligned rear sprocket (need to fix - original donuts too big)
Donuts too big? Thin outside the spokes, thick inside. Or are you saying they are too big radially? Are you referring to chain line misalignment? Alignment is part of installation and maintenance.

Chain Tensioner sucks (misaligned)
Known problem area. Lots of riders don't use it. Agreed, it sucks. I use a scooter chain tensioner. Some use none at all.

Last question. Are you doing your own maintenance? If not you are being taken advantage of. Find another mechanic.

These engine kits are for the hobbyist and tinkerer. Some builds will never be finished because the rider is constantly upgrading what he considers needing upgrading.

They should not be a primary mode of transportation. (They can be, but they are definitely not "turnkey" stick the engine in and go.) Most of the "fun" is installing it and getting all the bugs worked out. When that happens, most of us are looking for another build.

Advertisers take great liberties when describing their products. That's why they sell millions of those magnetic fuel line gas mileage enhancement devices. Or the stain removers that lift India ink from white carpet. Most of the stuff Billy Wills pushes. I could go on, but I think you get the idea.

If you post questions about how to fix any part of your bike or engine, you will get the help. Lots of us are just waiting for someone looking for an answer that we know something about or have had the same problem. Don't give up the ship.

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