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Default New motor new bike

Hi, my name's Tyler, and I'm new to the forum here. I just purchased a new motor kit from dax and I am attempting to install it on my Schwinn Point Beach Cruiser.

I'm really excited about the prospect of this project, because I use my bike to commute back and forth to my campus from my house. And I'm becoming addicted to riding two wheels.

The first major problem I've run into with the installation process has been how to mount the thing on my frame.

Both my seat pipe and down pipe are over sized and because the down pipe has a curve to it I'm not sure how to mount the engine. The slight curve in the down pipe makes create a larger space in the v-frame, so the engine has to span further. It seems the logical solution would be to drop the engine down a bit and mount it, but I can't do that because the pedal sprocket and covering are in the way.

Any ideas of what would fix this problem would be greatly appreciated.
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