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Default A Warning to those looking in getting a Chinese engine kit

All I have had is problems with my bike.

Here is a list of all of the issues I have had or am still having

3 striped studs (2 exhaust and 1 head bolt)
Clinking engine
head gasket getting hit by the piston
Multiple Air leaks (carb to intake still not fixed)
leaking fuel valve
Gas leak
Broken clutch grip
Misaligned rear sprocket (need to fix - original donuts too big)
Chain Tensioner sucks (misaligned)

Do not buy one of these kits unless you are really into engines and want a "fun" hobby of tinkering with them. I have spent probably over $350 trying to get this dang thing working. Its driving me insane. If its not one thing it is another. Either buy a pre-built working bike (which you will still have to tinker with) or get a Titan engine. My main form of transport is currently unusable because the dang engine isn't working.

So anyone thinking about buying one... Its not going to be a joy ride for awhile....

None the less when it was running it was fun....
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