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Default Re: gas tank giving me the blues

Originally Posted by lambofgod121980 View Post
The tank doesnsit flat on the top tube b/c the top tube is curved. With the first tank I tightened the nuts all the way and that's what caused the leak on that one. Way over tightened. On this one I deciced not to use the rear bracket so I could tighten the front up enough so it wouldn't shift. Upon seeing that it didn't stay put I had to undo the front to get the back strap on. Then like you said all four a little at a time till it would stay put.
I didn't use any kind of rubber or anything inbetween the tank and the top tube and I think that's where I made my mistake. I deffinately bent one of the studs at the back end attempting to make the tank solid.
I got lucky on this one as the place I ordered the tank is replacing it and gave me a $15 store credit for the inconvienence even though it was my fault.
I'd really like to do away with the peanut tank all together and do a rear mount set up like the tank on the sportsman site. I just don't have an extra $150 to spend on a gas tank. Money is super tight atm as I'm looking for a place to live and my bike has been on back burner for some time. I consider my bike as my second major form of transport (even though most people close to me see it as just a toy) and its a major help with gas for the errands I need to run here in town. For the most part my ride is reliable till I start messing with it loool. Just super frustrating to be soooooo close and yet miles away, if ya get me.
Check craigslist or ask around and see if there is anyone near you that deals in used parts. I got a plastic 2 gallon yamaha 3 wheeler tank from a parts guy for $15. I had to get a little creative with the mounting, but I found a way to make it work, and I've had this tank for over 2 years now. Its gonna go on my next bike as well, a Schwinn cantilever frame with a 49cc Lifan 4 stroke engine.
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