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Angry gas tank giving me the blues

Let me start off by saying - I'm sooooooper pised. I just wanna ride sooooo bad. Been having an issue with my peanut tank. It leakes like a sive from the mounting studs. Tried every thing to fix it. Jb weld, quick steel, gas tank repair kit. I finally gave up trying to fix it and I wanted a larger tank so I copped up the skrilla and ordered a new one. It finally got here yesterday, and was too late when it got here to mount it. So.... I got up early this morning like a kid at christmas to work on my bike and swap the tanks out. Mounted the front on and left the back mount untouched. Went for a ride up the street and it wouldn't stay level so I decided it best to go ahead and put the back bracket on aswell. Tightened it untill I couldn't move the tank by hand and filled it up......
I could cry. Lol. Same as before leaking like a sive from back mounting studs. I think imma be sick..... I just wanna ride
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