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Default Re: MBs are like fat chicks...

Originally Posted by beginner01 View Post
...They're lots of fun till your friends see you riding one..

Greetings! young guy here been lurking for a year... Machinist by trade, currently a lathe guy in a small shop. Got hooked last year when I rode a 50cc china cruiser. Picking up a Briggs 3.5hp, still cannot decide between auto or tensioned belt clutch... Plans are to run a jackshaft and single chain going to the back. Frame wise.. looking to cut up a cruiser till it looks like a bobber and fits the Briggs. My end goal is something reliable, quiet, fast, and looks like a low-slung flat-bar bobber bike, that I can still pedal around downtown squares or campuses if need be.

Looking forward to asking lots of newbie questions and riding them fat bottom girls! i mean, MB's...
Welcome to the forum from Dallas.

I know you didn't mean it this way but think about it. Some people don't like motor bicycles.

So sometimes it's nice to be able to pedal around the squares lol.
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