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Default Concerning the quality of china kits...

It has been my experience with these little gems that you either get a short-fused bomb, or a good engine. The quality is a crapshoot. I treat mine like an old Bultaco Spanish Two-Stroke trials motorcycle I had (a LONG time ago); Assume that something is about to fall off EVERY SINGLE TIME YOU RIDE! Go over it every ride for loose bolts, broken studs, leaks etc and correct any problems asap. The quality is good enough to be reliable if supported very seriously. Don't wait for it to break or fall off! Be proactive with a serious maintainence regime and you will have much better reliability. I ride every day, sometimes hours at a time, and my bike has been stone reliable(knock on wood)
I credit a lucky purchase but also the fact I am very hands-on and check my stuff every ride. Anyone else have any thoughts on this subject?
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