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Default Re: Can't decide on top tube

Roger that Draco, there's way more expensive hobbies out there. And most don't let you ride your project around, heh heh.

So if you noticed the seat and post in all the pics... was because it was rusted in there good. (was a $10 bike sitting outside for 5yrs). Today was getting-the-dang-post-out-day... Turning the seat a bit and cranking it tight, then standing/bouncing on it only made the seat slip. On to forks, strapped a headset on the post tight, pop some old forks on for leverage, stand/bounce on that... headset slipped... Doh!

So into the vise it went, with a 2' granny bar and got'r loosened enough to slowly start wiggling it out.

But while I was doing that, I noticed a lot of spots here and there that I could've done a better job on with the grinder. Eureka moment! Use that post to hold the frame! At any angle I want! (omg!) Instead of crawling on the floor trying to get at weird spots, right?

So yea, I'm keeping the squashed post for other bikes when I'm done with it. With the swivel vice I can get at any angle I want to. Comfortably! Woo! (sorry, my back typed the extra woo)... heh heh.


The squashed pipe with torch burns getting it loose:

Vertical, 1st wiggling, took a break and had a look for a sec:

Thought, hmm "turn it this way for a sec":

"Wait a minute! Loosen the swivel too":

and the "omg, I'm keeping that post after" moment:

So yea, had to share this with you guys. I looked up different techniques to get the post out, like using a headset and forks for leverage, but man. Once it was in the vise...

Cheers, and remember this the next time you're farting around with a frame, trying to keep it where you want it can be a pain.

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