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Default Re: How Good Is Lock Tite ?

I think GearNut did a great job of covering the topic....
I didn't use loctite on my initial build, my first month of riding had me tightening just about everything. When I ordered an upgraded stud kit I used red loctite to secure the studs in the block and head (and let it cure over night), then used blue loctite on the threads before I screwed on the nuts. This year none of the previously problematic nuts came loose a single time, I didn't even have to re-torque the head. I'm super happy with how it worked out, I did all riding and no wrenching this year! The only things that came loose were the nuts I didn't use loctite on (kickstand, muffler bracket etc), next year they ALL get blue loctite too...
The only thing I would caution you about is you don't want to loctite unless you know what your tightening is going to stay put. I would say with a new kit it would probably be best to build and ride without loctite and work out all the bugs, in case something needs adjustment or you have some issue with the motor before it is broken in. Once the build has been tested and motor has passed the initial break-in then I would pull the nuts and use blue loctite on the threads. I would also recommend that you upgrade the studs if at all possible, the stuff that comes with the kit is cheap and way too easy to strip out. I got mine from, the stud kit was not expensive and I was impressed with their quality and service over there....
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